„IOG would love to share the stage withKorn, Avatar, In This Moment, Slipknot, Halestorm, Sepultura”

When, where and by whom was the band formed?

Illusions of Grandeur is a Hard Rock/Metal Theatrical band, IOG’s music is a mix of influences from modern metal to classic old school metal and hard rock formed in 2015. IOG’s influences range from: In This Moment, KORN, Altar Bridge, Evanescence and Avatar to Led Zeppelin and The Who.

Maggie and CM formed Illusions of Grandeur in 2015 after they had been touring in a rock band together for about year or two. The pair realized that an element of entertainment was missing from the show, theatrics. Maggie and CM sat down and planned out what they would want to hear and see at a live show and the styles of music that would best focus that vision. Illusions of Grandeur was born.                                                    

What is the philosophy of the band?

The idea of Illusions of Grandeur is to create a world and tell the story of “The Siren” and her journeys. IOG’s love of both history and Greek/Norse Mythology felt that this was the best medium way to create a world for “The Siren Saga.” IOG feels that when listening to music or seeing a live show you should be able to immerse yourself in that moment and take a journey of your own with the band.

What are the most important moments in the band’s journey so far?

Illusions of Grandeur’s 2019 tour in the Ukraine stands out as one of the best tours, playing to new audiences all across the country. We hope to return to the Ukraine and play for our fans and friends again sometime Soon!

What is the process of creating your music?

Illusions of Grandeur’s main music writer is Bassist CM Carroll with lyrics and melodies provided by The Siren. The entire band participates in the arranging and recoding process and each member as songs are produced add elements into it to create the overall song and sound. IOG is continuously writing, normally demoing 30-35 songs per album than finding the songs that carry the story and sound of the record.

What is your discography so far?

Illusions of Grandeur Albums:

Part 1, “The Songs of the Siren”, released by Pavement Entertainment, August 2019 and available on all digital music outlets.

 Part 2 “The Siren”, Released October 2021 on Revulsion of Spirit Records/Universal Music Group

What is your latest release?

“Midnight” is the next step for Illusions of Grandeur, the 1st single from the forthcoming album “The Siren Rises” which the band hopes to have in release by early 2024. “Midnight” again takes the band musically into unfamiliar territory.

Have you performed live outside the USA?

I.O.G. has been touring in both the United States as well as across the UK, Germany, France, and the Ukraine since 2016. I.O.G. have made appearances at various festivals including Sav Fest, Dewey Beach Music Festival and Witney Music Festival. I.O.G. has shared the stage with artists as varied as DOPE, Motograter, September Mourning, New Year’s Day, Puddle of Mudd, Stryper, República, Stitched up Heart and Otep. IOG’s latest UK tour “The Siren Returns” in June 2023 took the band over 15 shows across the UK.

Which band would you like to share the stage with?

IOG would love to share the stage with Korn, Avatar, In This Moment, Slipknot, Halestorm, Sepultura

Have you planned your next release?

Illusions of Grandeur in 2023 will release their 3rd album “The Siren Rises Part1” and continue to tour in Europe and America! I.O.G. hope to go worldwide in 2023-2024

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