„I think so, because you have to feel music, it has to touch you deeply.”

The songs were composed between 1981 and 1984 by Harald Spengler and Stefan Kaufmann and were finally arranged and refined by all five musicians in early 1984.

Mostly on the acoustic guitar.

Yes, quite a few.

We recorded everything directly in the studio (like live in rehearsal!), except for the vocals and solo guitar.

Yes I think so.


No, we were all still complete beginners (laugh 🤣)

It was okay, but there have been some better ones….🤔😉🤭

I think so, because you have to feel music, it has to touch you deeply.

Yes, exactly, they sound equally good.

Andy impresses with a unique, unmistakable and beautiful voice even up to the highest notes.

Yes, exactly.

Yes absolutely, every guitar riff is razor sharp.

Absolute, and yet always recognizable.

I love this song, I was able to play it at KIT in April 2024 with Andy and Peter! It was fantastic.


I think so.

Absolutely 👌🏻☝🏻

I think we sounded different, simply unique.

Yes, of course.

No, more like deep melodic grooves.

No, rather melodically dark, just „the Masters of Black Romantic”!

Germany and Hungary tour plus numerous shows and festivals throughout Germany.

It was a great, wonderful time with lots of sunshine in my heart and lots of lovely people…. and it’s not over yet ☝🏻🎶🎸🤘🏻🥳 Love rocking greetings.

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